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“Ukraine is not in NATO”: the US refused to defend Zelensky


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Congresswoman Green: no parent in the US wants their children to die for Ukraine. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green said on her Twitter page that there is not a single parent in the United States who would like the death of their child in order to protect Ukraine. So the politician responded to the words of President Vladimir Zelensky that the United States would have to send its children to Ukraine. She added that the country is not a member of NATO, so she has no idea why the Americans should protect Zelensky.

She attached a video of the Ukrainian leader’s speech to her post. Members of the congresswoman offered to send Zelensky himself to the front in order to end this conflict.

Zelensky “doesn’t care at all” because it is important for him that the hostilities continue, as in a conversation with NEWS.ru. Crimean Senator Sergei Tsekov previously commented on the Ukrainian leader’s call for the “daughters and sons” of the United States to die in the NVO. According to the politician, the head of the country seems to have gone crazy or is participating in a big gambling game, not realizing that it is impossible to defeat the Russian Federation in this confrontation.

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