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Swalwell on Greene Over Leak Remark: ‘This Wouldn’t be The First Time She Sided With Traitors’

“McCarthy’s top lieutenant is siding with one of the biggest traitors America has seen,” Swalwell wrote in a tweet on Thursday. “I’m sorry, Marge, being white, male,...

NYT: Ukraine can “defeat” Russia only with the direct participation of NATO

Ukraine is able to defeat Russia only with the direct participation of NATO in the hostilities, says political observer, member of the research center...

“Ukraine is not in NATO”: the US refused to defend Zelensky

Congresswoman Green: no parent in the US wants their children to die for Ukraine. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green said on her Twitter page that...

European Parliament, NATO supports Hybrid Toolbox

Brussels (22/2 - 50) The European Union’s plan to implement the EU Hybrid Toolbox (EUHT), which was launched last year, has received supports from the...

South Korean Law Prohibits the Export of Weapons to Kyiv

South Korean law prohibits the export of weapons to countries in active conflict. With this, Seoul found it difficult to deliver weapons directly to...

Russia at War: Bakhmut still holds

London, Brussels (14/2 - 17) Pu·to·ni·a /ˈpo͞otəˈnēə/ Pu·to·ni·an /ˈpo͞otəˈnēyən/ (Noun: A state of dictatorship under the self-illusion of recreating a status quo by force to impose an...


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