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Russian troops storm Khromovo near Bakhmut


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Russian army troops storm the important settlement of Khromovo near Bakhmut (Artemovsk). This was reported by the Ukraina.ru online publication, noting that if Khromovo is lost, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will lose control over the last road to Bakhmut.

“It is reported from Artemovsk that a powerful assault on Khromovo is underway right now. The significance of this village for the Artyomovsk grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is critical: Khromovo is located on the last road along which the Nazis are supplied,” Ukraina.ru reports in its telegram channel.

The battles for Bakhmut, which have been going on since August 2022, are nearing their end. On March 1, in the first half of the day, military correspondents reported that the fighters of the Wagner PMC were one kilometer away from the village of Khromovo.

Source: ura.news


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