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Tajikistan: Who Killed the Pamiris?

Dubai/Astana (10 June – 60). The Pamiris are an ethnic minority group in Tajikistan, culturally distinct from the majority Tajik population. They have faced persecution...

Russian loss of life, who cares?

Kiev (8/6 – 17).           The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense's announcement about the personnel losses suffered by Moscow in May underscores the toll the conflict...

Ukrainian gets new tank brigades

Kiev (15/5 - 60).          Spokesperson for the Ukrainian Armed Forces did not comment of the formation of new tank brigades. The new brigades are equipped...

Ukraine: The Russian army failed the offensive in Kharkiv region

Russian troops did not achieve the goal of creating a "buffer zone" in the north of the Kharkiv region, as stated by dictator Vladimir...

The War that nobody wanted (but everyone engaged in)

Brussels (50). Two years in the war of Russian aggression against the Ukraine the balance is grim. Let us take stock. Leadership. The EU model...

“We’ll eat less.” Can Rosstat figures be trusted?

Inflation in the North-West region, according to Rosstat, since the beginning of the year has amounted to 6.1%, that is, it was even lower...

Israeli Private Detective Guilty of Hacking And Fraud

Israeli private detective, Aviram Azari has pleaded guilty for involvement in surveillance and cyber intelligence hack scheme in April 2022. Azari, who has been detained...


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