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Why Have US-China Relations Improved? Advantages and Disadvantages for Japan

As the war for hegemony between the United States and China prolongs, the United States sent Secretary of State Blinken to visit China, and...

US bait offers to India

The US is courting India as an ally. There is currently an opportunity to do so during the state visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra...

Secret ‘spies’ Meeting in Singapore Discusses Conflicts in a Multilateral World

With distrust in the world on the rise, mini-lateral initiatives flourish, with small groups coming together The world is heading down a path of...

US: DPRK likely to use nuclear coercion against South

North Korea is likely to use its nuclear weapons to force political concessions from South Korea and its allies. This is stated in a report of...

Foreign Policy, the leading US magazine: “Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to China was a complete failure.”

The tension that started in the Pacific around the island of Taiwan turned into an economic war between the USA and China. Armaments and artificial...

Khazin: the United States is Waiting for a Choice of Two Catastrophes

Today, the US authorities are faced with a dilemma - what to do: either save their global financial system at the cost of the...

US Strategists Plan to Destroy Taiwan’s Largest Chip Manufacturer

Should the US go to war with China, Taiwan’s largest chip maker, TSMC will be the first target to be blown up, according to...


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