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Army should permanently station armor brigade in Poland, report argues

The U.S. military should reassess its force posture in Europe and reduce its reliance on revolving door-style unit rotations, a major think tank’s analysts...

Overcoming Australia’s AUKUS Workforce Challenges

Australia hasn’t been truly sovereign in its own right since 1788. The head of state remains a foreign monarch. Generations of Australians have been...

AUKUS: Two Years On, Australia’s Submarine Dream

Following on from the September 2021 initiation of the joint US-UK-Australian AUKUS initiative, which will see the creation of a nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) capability for...

With Government Shutdown, Troops Still Protect Nation, But Possibly Without Pay

With a possible government shutdown less than a week away, defense leaders say the nation will remain protected. But service members may end up...

North Korea Unveils “Nuclear-Capable” Drone Torpedo

The government of North Korea has paraded what it claims to be a quartet of nuclear-capable supertorpedoes, similar in concept to the Russian Status-6...

The Julian Assange Rejection Should Prompt Australia To Make A New Defence Assessment – OpEd

Time for honest self-realization  After a long and drawn-out saga, the Australian Guantanamo inmate David Hicks was eventually repatriated back to Australia in 2007, after...

Russia Claims Drones Shot Down Over Crimea as Putin Says Moscow Has Cluster Bomb Stockpile

Russia claims to have repelled a drone attack in occupied Crimea while Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country has a ‘sufficient stockpile’ of...


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