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Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Proposal for School Vouchers Goes Down in Defeat


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Lawmakers at the Texas State Capitol on Friday rejected a bill that included taxpayer subsidies for some students to attend private school.

It was part of a larger measure that would also have given more money to public schools and teacher pay raises.

Opponents of the taxpayer financed savings accounts have stripped them from the House bill altogether. It’s a big legislative victory for opponents, one that has been repeated for years in the Texas House.

For much of Friday afternoon, the debate took place between Republicans in the House. Some rural Republican lawmakers have previously joined Democrats to block the measure, but Friday was the first time in recent memory where the full House discussed it.

The measure would have allowed eligible students to receive up to $10,000 per year to attend private school. Lower income and students with disabilities would be favored. 

Opponents said they don’t believe it’s a conservative measure, since it helps too few students and will cost billions of dollars. The author of the bill said, while many Texans can afford private school, the measure would have helped those less fortunate. 

The remainder of the bill would also add billions of dollars to give school districts more money per student and give teachers a $4,000 payment and additional pay raises afterwards, but now, the big question is, if the rest of this measure is approved, will it be agreed to by the senate?

The answer, not likely. 

The Senate passed separate education bills last week. Additional funding for teachers is likely going to remain up in the air for now, and Abbott has said if education savings accounts don’t pass the session, he will call lawmakers back in December, January and February.

Source : CBS


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