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‘Seinfeld’ Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus Has Surprising Reaction to Rumors of a Show Reunion


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If you think fans were excited to learn that a “Seinfeld” reunion might be in the works, imagine Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ reaction when she heard the news her former sitcom might have a resurgence. If you guessed Elaine Benes was elated, you would be wrong.

“Yeah, I just saw [that news] last night,” Louis-Dreyfus admitted to The Guardian, days after Jerry Seinfeld hinted that he and co-creator Larry David were working on something that would entice “Seinfeld” fans.

“And I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about,” she added, in a bizarre response.

Last week while performing his comedy act in Boston, Seinfeld was answering questions from the fans, one of whom asked if he liked how his show ended.

“Well, I have a little secret for you about the ending. But I can’t really tell it, because it is a secret. Here’s what I’ll tell you. OK? But you can’t tell anybody,” Seinfeld told the crowd, per an Instagram video shared by Boston Globe Media CEO Linda Pizzuti Henry.

“Something is going to happen that has to do with that ending. Hasn’t happened yet. And just what you are thinking about, Larry and I have also been thinking about it. So you’ll see,” he teased the audience.

The show, which ran nine seasons and aired 180 episodes, is often described as having a letdown of a finale.

Louis-Dreyfus recently acknowledged that she was devastated when the show ended in 1998.

“There was a real grief period when the show ended that was real and felt,” she revealed to People magazine. “Because we all loved each other so much.”

“I do very much remember wanting and thinking that I needed to keep working,” she admitted. “I wanted to keep working. I wanted to keep doing this thing called acting. I wanted to keep pursuing it, which I’ve been able to do, which is great.”

Despite its anticlimactic ending, a new wave of fans, likely due to streaming services, have discovered “Seinfeld.” Many were not even born when the show first premiered.

“I think it’s incredibly cool that it continues to have life,” Louis-Dreyfus said of the show’s success. “I’m not surprised, because it’s funny, and it stands the test of time.”

Source: Fox News


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