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US: DPRK likely to use nuclear coercion against South


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North Korea is likely to use its nuclear weapons to force political concessions from South Korea and its allies. This is stated in a report of the American intelligence.

The report is dated January 2023 but was published on Thursday. It’s part of a transparency effort, according to Sidney Seiler, the national intelligence officer for North Korea at the National Intelligence Council.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence noted that Pyongyang may also use non-nuclear, non-lethal attacks to achieve its goals in the future, believing that its nuclear weapons will deter counteroffensives.

“We estimate that in 2030, Kim Jong-un will most likely continue to pursue a strategy of coercion, potentially involving non-nuclear lethal attacks, aimed at achieving the North’s goals of intimidating its neighbors, extracting concessions and strengthening its military authorities of the regime”.

We recall that on Wednesday, North Korea criticized the visit of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Beijing as “begging” for an easing of tensions.

Pyongyang described the US policy of putting pressure on China as a failure.

In one of the most significant meetings between the US and China since US President Joe Biden took office, Blinken and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to stabilize their bitter rivalry so that it does not escalate into conflict.

Blinken said after Monday’s meeting that he had urged China to encourage North Korea to stop missile tests , as Beijing is in a “preeminent position” to pressure Pyongyang into dialogue.

It added that the United States is responsible for the escalation of tensions in the region with its “anti-China complexes”, such as the QUAD group with Japan, India and Australia and the AUKUS pact with Britain and Australia.

North Korea has launched nearly 100 ballistic missiles since the beginning of last year. 69 were ballistic missiles in 2022, marking a new annual record.

Source : news.bg


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