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I work in Newark but live in SC — it’s cheaper to commute by plane


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Intern season is upon us — and one worker is going to new heights for her summer gig.

Sophia Celentano, 21, hails from South Carolina, yet works a corporate internship in marketing all the way in New Jersey.

The college student revealed she is commuting by plane one day a week to get to and from her summer job, claiming that it’s cheaper than tri-state rent.

“I understand this is a really untraditional thing to do, but it works for me,” Celentano, who began her internship this week, said in a TikTok video.

Despite waking up at 3 a.m. to catch her early morning flight, the 20-something argued that she would rather catch a flight every Wednesday and be able to spend time with her family.

Plus, she added, she didn’t want to live in Parsippany, New Jersey, for the summer.

“A lot of people also think that I’m probably driving myself crazy mentally and physically getting up that early and taking two planes a day, but it honestly is not that difficult for me,” she added.

“I like traveling a lot — I like the adventure.”

Breaking down the costs, she claims to be paying an estimated $100 per week on flights, $100 on Ubers and only $25 for food, ringing in at approximately $2,250 for the 10-week internship.

Compared to the prospects of a short-term lease and living expenses, estimated at $4,250, she argues the approximately 600-mile commute from Charleston is worth the extra cash.

But she isn’t alone, she said.

In fact, she claimed one employee commutes from Atlanta, Georgia, each week.

“I think the most difficult part of this commute is not getting up at 3 a.m.,” she said, lamenting the hours-long wait at the airport before her flight home takes off. “The most difficult part is definitely having to wait for a couple hours at the Newark airport before my flight home.”

Viewers were flabbergasted to hear that the intern commutes for only one day in the office via plane, while others cheered her on.

“Okay but the carbon footprint……..” one person noted.

“No internship is worth this bestie,” implored another.

“Flying is just soooo unreliable!!!! just live closer with roommates” suggested someone else.

“I think you may be a little delulu but I support you,” wrote one user.

“It will all be worth it in the end… good for you!” encouraged another viewer.

“There is no amount of money you could pay me to wake up at 3 am to commute,” quipped someone else.

The Post has reached out to Celentano for comment.

Source: nypost


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