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Black conservative father and faith leader homeschools 6 kids to ‘get God in’: ‘What could be more important?’


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The Bible says the fear of the Lord, meaning a reverence for and an awe of God, is the beginning of knowledge and understanding.  

So Abraham Hamilton III of the American Family Association, headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi, says that begs a vital question about the public school system.

He asks, “What kind of system of instruction can you have, calling it education, but intentionally and systematically denies the knowledge of God?”

Hamilton is general counsel and public policy analyst for the American Family Association. He’s an African-American conservative — which makes him a huge target for liberals.  

He’s a husband and father of six, all of whom he homeschools, because in researching the history and intent of the public school system, he discovered what should scare any parent who’s trying to mold and shape their child spiritually and intellectually.

Says Hamilton, “The thing that led us to start homeschooling was first my wife and I began delving into a more solidified biblical worldview — and we began to learn a bit about the history of the modern public education system.”

It was a history that looked at the intent of such lauded educators as Horace Mann and John Dewey, who crusaded for a public school system to bring education to the masses to strengthen the nation. 

But Hamilton said there was a more fundamental intention lurking behind the “good of the nation.”    

On a recent episode of “Lighthouse Faith” podcast, Hamilton talked about how education by its very nature is a form of discipleship. And that the public school system was designed to disciple young minds into the faith of secular humanism. It’s a man-centered religion. 

Secular humanism refers to a philosophy that “replaces a worship of the transcendent or supernatural deity with the deification of man and humankind,” according to an article in the Loyola Law Journal.

So secular humanism is the very definition of what the Bible calls sin — man putting himself in the place of God, believing that humanity is the measure of all things rather than God.

Hamilton said this has been a centuries-long effort to transform the United States.  

“We did not just arrive where we are accidentally,” he said. “It has been the product of an intentional plan using the school system, by and large as a primary mechanism to accomplish it.”

The book by Fox News’ Pete Hegseth, “Battle for the American Mind,” wholeheartedly affirms Hamilton’s accusations. 

The book is an exegesis of how secular, Enlightenment-based and Marxist forces took hold of and promoted the idea of public schools for the purpose of controlling the country.  

Writes Hegseth, “American progressives knew that social control was far more powerful than economic control. As such, they set out to gain direct national control of the ‘commanding heights’ of American schools. A project set in motion more than 100 ago is today leveraged through 16,000 hours of government instruction.”

So it’s no sudden occurrence that parents are seeing their kids subject to indoctrination of liberal group think on gender ideology, the environment and critical race theory. 

The COVID-19 shutdown that forced millions of children to receive class instruction via Zoom also let parents see and hear what their children were being taught. The backlash resulted in parents showing up at school board meetings in protest.

But it’s not just indoctrination that worries Hamilton. If the Bible is true, that knowing God is the beginning of all knowledge, then millions of children sitting in public school classrooms for six to eight hours a day, five days a week, are not getting the full breadth of education.

For example, regarding the great scientist Isaac Newton, the 17th century physicist, astronomer and mathematician whose laws of universal gravitation transformed the scientific landscape and our understanding of the motion of the planets, Hamilton says, “What most children don’t realize is that Isaac Newton was a passionate Christian. He could be rightly described as a theologian who dabbled in science.”

He says that what public school students are denied is the knowledge that “the reason why Isaac Newton experimented was because of what he read in the Bible.”  

So they are denied the ability to connect the dots of what makes this world the way it is.

Newton and other scientists of his ilk like Copernicus were inspired by Scriptures such as Psalm 19, which says, “The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.”  

Says Hamilton, “Mathematics is an opportunity to peer into the mind of God. The discipline of mathematics only exists because we have a creator who is immutable. He doesn’t change, and he has established a fixed universe that creates an environment for us to be able to have the disciplines of science, the discipline of mathematics.”

But why not try to fix the public school system, like those parents showing up for board meetings and running for the school board themselves?

Hamilton applauds their efforts. 

But while he says we do have “godly teachers, wonderful teachers, wonderful administrators, wonderful principals, the system itself has been calcified in opposition to God” to the point where you have to figure out a way to get God in. 

Source: foxnews


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