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Ugledar attack became the largest tank defeat of the Russian Federation since the beginning of the war


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The Russian Federation lost more than a hundred tanks and other heavy equipment during the assault on the Ukrainian city of Vuhledar. During the two days of the attack, about 1,000 soldiers of the Russian army were killed. Experts call the February tank battle at Ugledar one of the most significant failures of the Russian army during the entire invasion of Ukraine, Arbat.media reports .

The New York Times reports that the unsuccessful attack by Vuhledar in February was the largest tank battle since the start of the war in Ukraine. The Russian army lost more than a hundred tanks and other heavy equipment.

It is noted that the lack of experienced military personnel to storm the Ukrainian city led to the mobilization of doctors and other civilians. After the Russian command was forced to change tactics and send only infantry to the attack.

Analysts consider the main mistake of the Russian command – ignoring the terrain. Despite the failure, on February 17, Putin awarded the commander of the Eastern Military District, Muradov, the rank of colonel general.

According to the Dutch publication OSINT Oryx, during the three days of the offensive near Ugledar and Avdiivka, the Russian army lost at least 103 units of military equipment, including 36 battle tanks.

British intelligence published a satellite image with at least ten destroyed armored vehicles of the elite 155th marine brigade of the Russian army. British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said that Russian troops suffered record losses – 1,000 people in two days during the assault on the Ukrainian Vuhledar.


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