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Two villages in the Bryansk region, according to the Russian authorities, were infiltrated by “Ukrainian saboteurs”


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The governor of the Bryansk region, Alexander Bogomaz , said that on March 2, “a sabotage and reconnaissance group” penetrated the territory of the region “from Ukraine”.

According to Bogomaz, “saboteurs” entered the village of Lyubechane in the border Klimovsky district and fired at the car. The shelling killed one civilian and wounded a ten-year-old child, the governor said. Russian propaganda media have reported that a school bus came under fire, but regional authorities deny this . According to unconfirmed reports from Shot, two people were killed.

In total, 40-50 “saboteurs” penetrated into the Bryansk region, according to Mash and  Baza . TASS reports that the group includes several dozen armed people. The Telegram channel “112” writes that the “saboteurs” were divided into two groups and headed for the villages of Lyubechane and Sushany, located at a distance of 20 kilometers from each other.

A TASS source said that “saboteurs” penetrated two villages. In one of them, four or six people were taken hostage . Between the Russian forces and the “saboteurs” began a battle. The authorities of the region stated that law enforcement agencies are working throughout the territory of the village of Sushany. Baza writes that an electrical substation and a gas station were allegedly blown up in this village. The media reported about the hostages in Sushan, but the authorities of the region deny this . At the same time, RIA Novosti claims that several people were taken hostage in a store in the village of Lyubechan.

The FSB of Russia stated that, together with the forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, they are carrying out “measures to destroy armed Ukrainian nationalists who have violated the state border” in the border Klimovsky district.

Soon, an organization called the Russian Volunteer Corps published a video on its telegram , made on the threshold of a paramedical and obstetrical station in Lyubechany. In the video, the two fighters said they “do not fight civilians” and called on Russian citizens to “revolt and fight.”

Mikhail Podolyak, an adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, called reports about “Ukrainian saboteurs” a “classic provocation” and called on the Russian Federation to “be afraid of their partisans.” Andriy Demchenko, spokesman for the Ukrainian Border Service, also called reports of a “Ukrainian DRG” in Russia unfounded. “The fact that Russian publics are now dispersing about some kind of Ukrainian DRG on the territory of Russia, I can note that Ukraine is not an aggressor, our main task is defense and protection from the occupying country. What could have happened on the territory of the Russian Federation, I don’t know anything, ” he said  .

Russian President Vladimir Putin due to the incident in the Bryansk region canceled a trip to the Stavropol Territory, where he was supposed to take part in the opening of the Year of the Teacher. Putin called the incident a “terrorist attack”, saying that “they opened fire on civilians.”

TASS, citing eyewitnesses, reported that the “saboteurs” left the territory of the Russian Federation. “There is no one from the Ukrainian group on the territory of the Russian Federation, they all left. Now there is a search, possibly, for the remaining fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on our territory, ” said one of the agency’s interlocutors.

A few hours later, the FSB announced that a large number of explosive devices of various types had been found in the Klimovsky district, mine clearance was underway. The situation in the settlements of the Klimovsky district “is under the control of law enforcement agencies,” the FSB added.

The Druzhba oil pipeline passes through the territory of the Bryansk region of the region, which, according to  Russian media reports , they tried to attack several times. In addition, a closed military air base is located in the Klimovsky district.

Source: meduza


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