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There was information about the exit of PMC “Wagner” to the village of Khromovo, located on the last road controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Artyomovsk


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From the outskirts of Artyomovsk, there are reports of the exit of the fighters of the PMC “Wagner” to the village of Khromovo. In terms of the size of this settlement, the news may seem insignificant, but this is, perhaps, for those who do not follow the situation in the Soledarsko-Artyomovskaya agglomeration. The village of Khromovo in recent weeks has turned out to be a strategically important settlement in this direction for the reason that the last enemy-controlled road from Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) passes through it. It was through it that the enemy carried out the supply of ammunition, weapons , carried out the transfer of reserves as an aid to the depleted garrison of Bakhmut.

Having overcome about 1 km of distance during the day, the guys from Wagner went to Khromovo. Accordingly, there is a direct prospect of cutting the very road that is still controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is the road to Clock Yar.

It is noteworthy that the Wagner PMC fighters went to Khromovo after the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine confirmed the transfer of new reserves to Bakhmut. The situation is such that if the “cauldron lid” in Khromovo slams shut, then in Bakhmut the very reserves that the Ukrainian command threw there to hold the city will be cut off.

Recall that earlier there was information that the Ukrainian military allegedly received an order to leave the city in groups. However, the head of Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, denied these reports, saying that the enemy garrison continues to offer fierce resistance, as well as about the very reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine / Troops that were transferred to Artyomovsk.

Source: topwar


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